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  US GLASS #310 CANDLEHOLDERS - by Greg Warhol
  The # 310 candleholders run from 9” to 9 1/4” tall with base sizes between 5” to 5 1/4”. While they were manufactured in a myriad of colors, the known iridized examples are found in Harding blue (celeste), Mandarin yellow stretch, jade green stretch, and rarely in topaz. Other iridized colors are certainly possible. While the #310’s are not all that easily found, celeste appears to be the most frequently seen color. Always check that the candleholders match in height as I have seen quite a bit of height variation in these. Any difference not exceeding 1/16” is usually acceptable, and is barely noticeable. Mandarin Yellow Console Set

Rare Iridized Topaz Example
with Raised Ribs

A neat and unique feature of this style is the unusual scalloped base, which totally sets them apart from any other candleholder style. The candleholders also feature eight optic ribs on the interior of the trunk running to the scallop tips on the base. The matching console bowl also features the same scalloped top edge with eight interior optic ribs. A variation has the optic ribs raised on the exterior of the candleholder, and in my experience is found far less than the interior optic ray type. If you would like to acquire an unusual candleholder set, the USG # 310’s would be great to consider. The Mandarin yellow and jade green colors are certainly very different colors for iridized candleholders.