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  Getting to the "Bottom" of Persian Garden Bowls - by Greg Warhol
  I’m sure most carnival glass collectors enjoy the Dugan Persian Garden pattern. I have around 15 examples of this intricate design myself, running from small ruffled berry bowls to a gorgeous white chop plate that I display in a unique custom made shadow box.
  Several years ago, I did some research on the outside indented section of the bottoms of Persian Garden ten ruffle fruit bowls, large six and eight ruffle bowls, and large ICS bowls. What precipitated my research was realizing that some of these large bowls would not fit squarely and securely on the ruffled Big Basketweave pedestals used for the fruit bowls. Many tended to slide to one side or the other, and sit crooked. If you have experienced this problem, I have the answer as to why this is so. What I ended up discovering after examining several dozen bowls over a two year span, is that Dugan used molds with four distinctly different outer base types, and only one of these will allow a bowl to properly fit on a fruit bowl pedestal.
  At first I thought only the ten ruffle fruit bowl would have the proper indented base type to accept the fruit bowl pedestals, giving it some uniqueness, but alas no, there also exist six and eight ruffle, as well as ICS bowls with the correct base design allowing proper mating of bowl to pedestal. I have never seen a ten - ruffle bowl without the correct base type, or a chop plate with the correct base type to accept the fruit bowl pedestal, but they may exist.

I hand drew the four bowl base types, and recently scanned the results into my computer. The drawings are crude (I never claimed to be an artist), but sufficient enough to illustrate the differences. They are marked ‘A’ through ‘D’, with example ‘B’ being the only base type that will properly seat a bowl on the Big Basketweave pedestal. These differences were discussed at length a few years ago with Canadian member Ingrid Spurrier, who is a huge Persian Garden fan, however I never did supply her with my drawings, so here you go Ingrid. The Big Basketweave pedestals are occasionally found out-of-round, or with a diameter too large to fit into an example ‘B’ bowl base properly, but that is another story all together, to be addressed at another time. Your comments are encouraged.