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Circa 1923–1925, these were named after an actual person who was a famous Hollywood star of the day. Whoever coined the name had a sense of humor for sure, although when compared to many classic long gown photos of Mae West, I guess a slight resemblance in shape can be seen. They are a nice tribute to her anyway. Examples are 8” tall with a 4 3/4” base diameter.

Miss Mae West

Mae West was produced in a myriad of colors including: Black, marigold, blue satin, blue iridescent (celeste), blue with a crackle finish, cobalt blue, green stretch, jade, royal luster (iridized cobalt), ruby luster (iridized red), and Egyptian luster. Some examples can be found decorated with a white stripe around the candle cup and base. Not all colors are known to have been iridized.


One of the more unusual, scarcest, and difficult colors to locate is Egyptian lustre. Iridized on black glass these are highly prized. A very few other shapes were also iridized by Diamond in this color. Every example I have ever seen is unique because of the way the iridizing was inconsistently applied to each piece, and putting together a pair that matches color-wise is virtually impossible. This makes purchasing a single example totally acceptable, and singles do show up from time to time.


Most cobalt and red examples are usually found with uneven or splotchy silver iridescence, and are quite ugly. Finding a nicely iridized pair is a true challenge. Below is an image of an exceptionally nice red pair. (Image courtesy of Kris Remmen)

  Diamond made another style candleholder called Trumpet that is sometimes mistaken for the Mae West. At 9”, the Trumpet is taller, and when compared side by side to a Mae West, the differences are obvious.
  Putting together a nice collection of each iridized color presents a challenge. Even marigold, is not that easily found. In fact, I have seen far more red examples than marigold. As with most iridized candleholders, celeste is probably the most frequently seen color. A low 10 1/2” diameter bowl was produced as part of a console set.
  Red Egyptian Lustre Decorated Diamond Trumpets Similar to Mae West