Educational Article

  HONEYCOMB AND BEADS - by Janet Knechtel
  This beautiful Honeycomb and Beads piece is often confused with a similar pattern, Fishscale and Beads, and the Dugan Glass Company made both. One of the easiest ways to tell them apart is that Honeycomb and Beads has a smooth edge while Fishscale and Beads has a saw-tooth edge. Also the Honeycomb and Beads pattern bowl centre is blank, and Fishscale and Beads has a pattern in the centre of the bowl that radiates right out to the edges.
  The exterior pattern on the Honeycomb and Beads is called Flowers and Beads, where the Fishscale and Beads back pattern exhibits a garland of beads.
  The diameter of the plates in Honeycomb and Beads pattern are usually around 6-7 inches while the Fishscale and Beads plate is found in the 7-8 inch diameter range.
  Honeycomb and Beads are found in bowls both ruffled or crimped edges, in a banana boat shape, a beautiful tri-corner shape (shown here), and plates. This piece was really a plate with a tightly crimped edge and then pulled up into a tri-corner shape.
  The Fishscale and Beads are known in bowls, plates, and a banana boat shape, but not in a tri- corner shape. Another difference that should help you identify the two patterns is that Fishscale and Beads are also found in marigold and white, but Honeycomb and Beads are not.
  Both patterns are known in the amethyst, electric purple and peach opal colors. The electric purple examples in either pattern make a gorgeous addition to any collection.