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  FENTON #549, #649, & #749 CANDLEHOLDERS - Greg Warhol
  These Fenton candleholders are interesting mainly because of their elegant design, plus that they are not found that often. They are known in three different heights, come in a myriad of colors both iridized and non-iridized, and are rarely seen with dual color combinations.
  Neither Fenton nor collectors have ever given this spindle style a name, and they are known only by their factory manufacturing designation. The 549’s are 8” tall, and are the most frequently seen. The 649’s are 10’ tall, and are considered quite scarce, and the 12’ tall 749’s are rarely found, and command top dollar when offered.
  Production dates for this style were 1924 – 1928, so the production run was quite short compared to many other patterns. All sizes are also known in many two-tone combinations, with the base having a contrasting color to the rest of the candleholder. Iridized marigold and celeste examples seem to be the most often colors found, with all the remaining colors more difficult to locate. All the two-tone versions should be considered scarce to rare, depending on the size and color combination.
  If you have an interest in acquiring candleholders to enhance your collection, these would make an excellent choice because of the three heights and many colors offered, along with the challenge of even locating examples.
  The authors shelf of #549’s and #649’s
  Moonstone/Ebony #549 – Rarely Found Celeste/White #549’s – Very Rarely Found 10” Celeste/Ebony #649