Educational Article

  BORDER PLANTS - by Janet Knechtel
  The handgrip plate with that gorgeous electric iridescence and the stretch finish I bought at a small flea market last year. I had gone all around the market, and was almost at the end of it when I spied the glass. You know, that marigold color that just stands out from everything else. Well, I made tracks over to the table and the girl was just unpacking several pieces. One was this super, super Border Plants handgrip plate. Now, I must tell you that it did not have that iridescence when I bought it. It must’ve been on a shelf in someone’s kitchen as it was greasy with lots of dust was stuck to it as well. BUT, I could see the color was there, although you couldn’t see the stretch finish around the edge. The pattern comes on a dome-footed base, and I have never seen this pattern with an exterior pattern. It could be mistaken for Flowers and Frames, also made by the Dugan Glass Company.
  However, there are two big differences in the patterns. Border Plants has eight large frames coming from the centre of the bowl, and only has 4 flowers that run to the outside of the frames. There are also four additional things that look like they could be leaves and a flower bud. On the other hand, Flowers and Frames have six flowers coming out of the centre of the bowl with a frame around them.
  The peach opal bowl has a 3/1 edge and is an outstanding piece. The Opal is very prominent and on the exterior goes right down to the base. I bought this piece early this summer and was very happy to get it.
  Border Plants is not an easy pattern to find, and Dugan really put a lot of work into the pattern. I have had this pattern in the ruffled peach opal bowl, the peach opal dome footed plate (not handgrip). These are very, very hard to find not pulled up into a handgrip shape, as is this beautiful handgrip plate.
  This pattern is only found in two colors, peach opal and purple, and in the four shapes; a ruffled bowl, a bowl with 3/1 edge, a handgrip plate, and dome footed flat plate.
  Happy Carnival Hunting……