Educational Article

  I was most fortunate to acquire a pair of 8 1/2” tall, decorated, topaz Northwood #657 candleholders this past January from member Bette Chapman. She had acquired them in Virginia several years ago. These are interesting as there is no record that I can find, of any decorated #657’s listed in any reference books, and I have never seen or heard of any other examples to date. Then lo and behold, another identical pair showed up on eBay in February, and I was fortunate to also procure them. More examples no doubt exist, and if you know of any, please contact me as I am interested in finding out how many more may exist. Two members at the March meeting both suggested the decoration is very reminiscent of “Bittersweet Vine”. I did a little research on Google, and I cannot come up with a better plausible possibility. So until I hear differently that another name exists, I am calling these two known examples Northwood’s #657 “Enameled Bittersweet Vine”.